Real-Time Management
Trakon Systems is a management software platform that was designed to manage every aspect of your company from job quotations through to project management and equipment maintenance.
Mobile Friendly
Combined with our mobile platforms and GPS integration, you are able to access your system via Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, On Board Computers and more.
Why Use Trakon?
Our system not only helps you streamline your workflow it also allows you to keep your clients up to date on their projects. Below is a sample list of trade industries our software can be applied to:
- Oilfield
- Welding
- Construction
- Plumbing
- Electrical
- Carpentry
- Contracting
- Earthworks
- Surveying
Those are few examples, our systems flexibility allows it to be applied to almost any industry.
Electronic Consulting For Contractor Management

Trakon gives contractors the ability to view safety materials, personnel, statistics, quality management, With Trakon you can assure that your business is open honest and accountable. Our software is suited perfectly for both the oilfield and construction industries.